Friday, December 9, 2011

Zentangle life

Meet this week's ZIA made with the new tangle FIFE.
Check out Lauras site "Iamthediva" to read more on how Zentangle has touched peoples lives!!
For me it taught me how to breathe, every stroke helped me to get calmer and more focused.
Every time I am in a state of turmoil, anger, lost, impatient - all the depressing adjectives I start tangling and out goes all the negativity.
And "Thank You" Laura for the lovely challenges, it keeps the mojo flowing!!


  1. Very nice. I like that there are the different sizes and that it radiates out from a point. That makes it a little more flexible than having to adhere to a square grid. Great idea.

  2. Very well conceived, Meghna. And thanks for the nice words on my responses.


  3. I like Shelly's comment - a fife rainbow! Excellent work!