Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stringy theory again!!

Weekly challenge (oh how I enjoy them!!) this time at iamthedivaczt is on String theory (AGAIN) and its STRIPES!!
So without any funfair this is my take n it

Nahh...its only Tuesday!!

What a weekend....again!! Internet down!! withdrawal symptom's kicked in....oh no!! then remembered had a pay as you go connection, put in some money and yippee am connected to the world again!!
Am taking part in The play date cafe, the color scheme is black and white with a touch of green...hmmm. A piece of cake....
IT WASN'T . Somehow I struggled and struggled. I had couple of ideas , had also sketched them out, but after the card was made nahhh didn't like it one bit. In one of the card I felt that something was missing and then in another one it was too much. So I decided to just shelf everything and sleep over it :D and yes it worked...
So here it is
Have used clear emboss on the black card as a base, and stamped again using black versamark black chalk and memento green on the white card, paper and stamp bought locally, and sentiment hand written!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Stringy tile

Congratulations Laura!!
To an one inspiring lady who has raised to every challenge that lifes thrown at her!!
You deserve this!!

So this weeks challenge by Laura is String Theory...don't know what that is :) use to read Nancy Drew in Physics classes so...
...heres my version of string theory ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello Monday...gosh!!

Where has this week gone??
This weeks target was to make lots of cards using Play Date Cafe colours, An embossing Challenge Challenge at Lilys Pad but never got around doing it.
Crazy crazy crazy!!
Any way before the weekend starts(already looming) taking part in another challenge at Lily Pad Card and its a sketch challenge from Lucy Abrams
Always improvising a card once started, it was challenging to stick to the sketch.


Friday, May 20, 2011

ROSHNI help me!!

this weeks challenge #22 at "iamthediva" is to enlist the help of someone other than yourself who will draw the string on your tile or Zentangle Inspired piece and that someone for me my friends is moi's daughter Roshni ( love you honey)....
so here is the string
and this is the end result
the meanie that she is ;) she has made one more superdupper tile with so many strings...will post that as soon as I finish( that's if i can ever finish....)
till then enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oof...Challenge 21

This week challenge at "iamthediva"is to create a tile using the new official tangle Oof.

and "Oof " the official tangle got me all tangled up :)
After many trial and errors just managed to get the tangle that was good enough to post it and then what happens??
LOST IT!! Yes isn't that crazy it really went Out Of sight :(...
So made one more tile (its midnight) and luckily it came out good enough to post it!!

Please leave your comment after the post and thanks for dropping by

Monday, May 9, 2011

Play Date Cafe Challenge PDCC80

Today I am participating in Play Date Cafe Challenge and the challenge is to create anything using the suggested colour palette.

To stick to a palette and that also so vibrant was very frustrating. And though the greens and the creams came out, I had decided that I was going to use only these three colours. And the outcome...
Flower Power!!
Stamped the background with distress inks and the same for the square background and the strip. Embossed the flowers white and hand wrote the sentiment.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mum its ur day...enjoy!!

For all the mums,мать, moms, mère, mother, mummy, ma, mutter, madre, μητέρα, moeder, matriz...

You were my fairy tale princess,
So much larger than life.
You were my angel and my witness
Through all my pain and strife.
At times you made me angry,
Great words I would proclaim
How someday you'd be sorry.
You were the one to blame.
But when I needed comforting
You always found the time.
Your words were more soothing
Than days of childhood sublime.
Now the distance holds us apart,
The boundaries have no end.
I'll hold the memories in my heart.
You're my mother, my best friend
- Anonymous

Happy Mother's Day!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

MaRtYn's BirThDay

Its our dear friend Martyn from Leeds "Birthday" and here are some of the cards that I have made for him...
Martyn is a true Santa. Only thing is his gifts come all around the year. He just loves giving gifts and he spoils us rotten. He knows I love dairy milk chocolates from England and every trip he gets me kilos of it and gummy bear for Vipul, Cds, magazines, beads and all sorts of teenage stuff for Roshni and Thomas the tank engine thingy for Varun.
The list is endless. So here is a card which I hope he likes...

Birthday Wishes:
I have stamped the image on the base of the card and done paper piecing, the strings are heat embossed using metallic powder and using sakura black have done the faux stitch.

Martyn loves elephant ( who doesn't) and we always joke around as to how one day he is going to wake up and find an elephant in his backyard. And then Martyn along with food photography (which is his core business) will start an organic manure farm and will be called King of Manure :D and other silly stuff we keep joking about.

So here's an elephant for you Martyn...

Elephant Banner
Pencil colour for the elephant's body and Stickles and Martha Stewart glitter for the head gear and the cape. I don't enjoy using Martha Stewart glitter as the nozzle is not as fine as Stickles...
Have used a silver hammered head pin for the stick and the sentiment is hand written.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding

Challenge #20 Royal Wedding.
Kate looks gorgeous, poise, calm and serene. And what does one say about the groom NERVOUS!! :)
And the church!! Too much happening - from the arches, to the lace, organ to the floor, motifs everywhere. So this is my high view on the Royal wedding.
And congratulations to the Royal Couple.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Some of the cards that I have made for family and friends