Friday, May 6, 2011

MaRtYn's BirThDay

Its our dear friend Martyn from Leeds "Birthday" and here are some of the cards that I have made for him...
Martyn is a true Santa. Only thing is his gifts come all around the year. He just loves giving gifts and he spoils us rotten. He knows I love dairy milk chocolates from England and every trip he gets me kilos of it and gummy bear for Vipul, Cds, magazines, beads and all sorts of teenage stuff for Roshni and Thomas the tank engine thingy for Varun.
The list is endless. So here is a card which I hope he likes...

Birthday Wishes:
I have stamped the image on the base of the card and done paper piecing, the strings are heat embossed using metallic powder and using sakura black have done the faux stitch.

Martyn loves elephant ( who doesn't) and we always joke around as to how one day he is going to wake up and find an elephant in his backyard. And then Martyn along with food photography (which is his core business) will start an organic manure farm and will be called King of Manure :D and other silly stuff we keep joking about.

So here's an elephant for you Martyn...

Elephant Banner
Pencil colour for the elephant's body and Stickles and Martha Stewart glitter for the head gear and the cape. I don't enjoy using Martha Stewart glitter as the nozzle is not as fine as Stickles...
Have used a silver hammered head pin for the stick and the sentiment is hand written.

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