Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Assunta and wood burning

One of the tools that I picked up during my trip to USA was a wood burner and after struggling to get the voltage corrected (US works on 110v and India on 240v) I started tangling.
Varun's cricket bat came into my radar and well now its a one of its kind designer bat ;)

and here is a block using Hollibaugh, Featherfall, Fans, Betweed, "Assunta" (dedicated to Maria by Rick on her Birthday) to name a few

Well this one is also going in the weekly challenges @ "Iamthediva"
Do drop by at her site, with links to many beautiful tangles. There are some highly talented ladies out there.


  1. Cool! Haven't tried wood burning...looks interesting!

  2. Wow, your wood burning turned out great. Does it take a long time?