Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday seems like Thursday

The way the weather is, it feels its end of the week- when the week has actualy just began. Anyway to get the blues going I decided to tangle and realized Oh I have to yet complete the weekly challenge from Laura which is Kiss my Grid. WHAT!!(keep reading)
As laura says"It brings back fond memories of that sitcom from the 70s about the Diner... what was that called? there was Mel the cook, and i think Alice... and that red-head Flo who's signature line was, "Mel, Kiss my grits."

The big idea here is to draw a string and then use Grid based tangles
Another interesting challenge from Laura, with a little help from B-rad :D got me using tangles which I have never experimented with before.

Thanks Laura!! (n B_rad)


  1. I like your solution, these tangles all look great together, nice job.

  2. WoW!!! Meghna, this is one brilliant peice of work...Really love it...

  3. Not familiar with tangles but your piece is stunning. Well done. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Best, Yvonne

  4. I like the way the grids all converge into the centre, lovely tile.

  5. Lovely - great design and choice of tangles.