Friday, August 12, 2011


Friday is a day to relax ( yeah yeah)
Its that day of the week when I chill, listen to music (what crab as Varun would stay)

the truth is I go crazy on Friday!! Its the day when I reflect and realize the DO LIST is no where half through and the week is coming to an end and there are a zillion things still to do...

One of the thing I forgot to do is upload my tile for this weeks "Iamthediva" challenge (can you imagine that), moi who can't wait for Mondays, as they bring exciting challenges forgot to do can imagine how the week was!!
So this weeks challenge is by Dear Christina( i LOVE her work) and the challenge is opposite attracts...
WOW!! Thanks Laura and Christina, enjoyed it.
When I finished the first tile I wasn't too happy with the string that I had used

and then i drew another string and the result is...

so I am off to finish my to do list and hopefully by end of this weekend all done ( haven't I heard that before...hmmm)
have a great weekend guys and thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I love your tangles Meghna. They have such depth and varety. Lovely work! x

  2. Love your tangles. The second one is particularly eye-catching. Great work!

  3. The paradox one is amazing! Very impressive and great idea!!

  4. Beautiful. I really like the second one - paradox filled with tangles!

  5. These are beautiful! Like the others, I really like the paradox one!